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Everything else: Underwater, Abstract, Photographs etc.


Whelk Two-Tompot-Blennies Three-Toppot-Blennies Web Sea horse on weed_edited-1 John-Dory Web-Basking-sharks Mackerel[1] Web Wave Pendeen Web-Sunrise-over-Ludgvan-Church Sargasso migration Shags,-wood,-rocks-and-nets Lapwing Web-Buzzards-over-woodland Web-A-pair-of-Shearwaters Web-Green-Woodpecker

Shags, rocks and nets. Driftwood and net  with acrylic

Lapwing. Watercolour and pen

Shearwaters, Watercolour

Buzzards over woodland

Woodpecker. Watercolour

Two tompot blennies. Acrylic

Three tompot blennies. Acrylic

John Dory. Acrylic

Mackerel. Acrylic

Sea Horse. Acrylic

Basking sharks, Watercolour

The Wave, Pendeen. Photograph

Sunrise and Cornish Church

(Ludgvan). Photograph

Sargasso migration.

Textured Acrylic.

Whelk, Acrylic